meet the cidermakers


Chris Brown

Chris is a descendent of Samuel Marsden (1756-1838) who at one time was the Senior Chaplain in the Colony of New South Wales. 
Samuel Marsden was reported to be the first person to make cider in Australia in the early 1800s.  He is also attributed with planting the first apple and pear trees
in New Zealand in 1819 at Kerikeri (one of the original pear trees still lives today).

From that time, fruit growing remained in branches of the family.

Chris grew up on a mixed farming operation at Westbury in Northern Tasmania.  He started trialing various processes for cider after talking to his
father-in-law (Richard Turfrey) about his own cider
and fruit wine production.  

Chris commenced producing different styles of cider in 2012. His early processes were based around english styles. The results showed promise. After seeking advice involving extensive market and product research, the decision was made to concentrate
on producing 'methode traditionelle' (also known as champagne method) or sparkling style ciders.

Instead of using grapes - we use apples!


Caroline Brown

Caroline is a descendent of William Turfrey who established himself at an orchard at Grove
(in the Huon Valley, Tasmania) around 1933.  

At its peak, the property produced 25,000
‘Canadian’ boxes of apples to market. 
Needless to say, from the apples that were not shipped or sent to factories, some cider for ‘home’ consumption was produced.
Caroline has fond memories of tasting her Dad’s ‘infamous’ cider at the odd social event in the
Huon Valley.

Members of the family remain on the family property
in the Huon although they are no longer producing apples.  

Caroline has successfully completed WSET Level 2
in Wines and Spirits.


inspired by time


We sat down one evening to explore what makes bushranger Mathew Brady stand out as an iconic figure in Tasmania's history. 

Like many convicts he had a burning desire to be free of the shackles that refrained him and that desire led to one of the most daring escapes from Sarah Island (west coast of Tasmania). 


Brady had a non conforming nature and the tenacity to overcome obstacles.
In his own way he stands out for adhering to his values with charm and a sense of humour in a world that was not so forgiving.

At Brady's Lookout Cider we admire many of these characteristics.
We are different to the norm.

We have the tenacity in developing a refined product that seeks to emulate the sparkling wines that the Tamar Valley is renowned for, and like Brady, we are always aspiring for better.

With our first vintage released in 2015, we are continuing to develop our operation as a premium Tasmanian beverage producer,
winning best in class at the 2016 Australian Cider Awards and
best new world cider at the Tasmanian Cider Awards 2018.  

Our cider mill is scheduled to be open as an agri-tourism venture with our heritage apple orchard in June 2019.